WAGS Price List:

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Please note all prices are based FROM size and breed of a dog and also condition of coat.



Dogs with severely matted hair may take longer to groom, therefore prices may vary. Please beware that when removing matted hair, I have to normally use the shortest blade as you can not go through a matt only underneath it to get it out.



At WAGS as I do not tie dogs up, it is a much harder job to keep a dog still, so prices may vary due to the time taken to groom your dog.



For all price enquiries please call 07864685365.




              Full Groom Includes:


  • Removing knots & undercoat
  • Brushed out
  • Bathed to suit dogs coat condition
  • Conditioner
  • Clipped and scissored to clients requirements
  • Hand dried
  • Under pads & personal areas cleaned
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears & Eyes cleaned
  • Spray of his/her Cologne
  • Ribbon Bow at the end of groom.




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